The Penny Blouse – 1

Do you know I decide to star to share my creation here after discovery the Jilly Atlanta Pattern Facebook Group?  I bought some Jilly Pattern on Etsy and immediately afterwards I casually tried to find her on facebook. I discovered her page and in a short time the great  PDF Pattern Sales and Promotion page and the big “world” of PDF sewing pattern.

I love sewing from when I was a teenager, I started to sew doll clothes when a I was a kid with my grandmother’s  scraps. She was a very talent seamstress. I usually drafted my own pattern or buy some sewing magazine, like Burda. I love sewing but always hate try to trace from the big Burda sheets.   So when I discovery Jilly, with her adorable patterns, she opened a world to me.

Coming back to Jilly, I love her style. It’s definitely my style.  I love classic dresses with lovely details and a vintage feeling.  With the Penny Blouse you can’t go wrong. It’s an adorable sleevesless blouse with a lot of lovely details.

I choose  the little flutter sleeves and the V-Neck on the back options. The slim fit is perfect to go with a suspender skirt, like this little Macy.

The fabric is an adorable cream linen.

If you love the little linen flower brooch, come back Sunday for a little tutorial.

You can buy the Penny Blouse today with a low introductory price of $5.00 for a 24-hr period only.   Click –> HERE

You can see pictures of my other versione HERE and HERE.



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