Abby’s Overalls

Trendy, cute, versatile. This pattern has so many options and possibilities that you can fill your girl’s wardrobe and have completely different looks from garment to garment!

The look of these overalls can be changed up over and over again, making this a pattern that goes with your child through the seasons.

Sizes 3 months – 14 years

Here, I sew the long pant, slim bodice, with pockets and knee patches! Too cute!

Now available Here ! For a short time this pattern, loaded with options is available for $5.95, no coupon code needed!  DON’T MISS!


I paired this with  a Gocco Blouse .

For more warm, I added a  wool Fern Cardigan (by Sew Like My Mom), I  just blogged about here. I hacked it a bit, added a button, a decorative  bow on the shoulder and added a cuff for show better the beautiful double wool jersey.

Shoes are from Panchic.

Hair accessories are from Sergent Major.



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